Teeth Whitening Products : Plus White 5 Premier Whitening System
Plus White Premier Whitening System
Plus White Premier Whitening System
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Our new Premier System redefines the teeth whitening experience and helps bring dull or stained enamel back to sparkling, pearly white using a revolutionary new whitening process. The easy-to-use system includes Plus White’s 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel, new StainGuard® Rinse and a comfortable
mouth tray.

The redesigned Premier Speed Whitening® Gel tube features a needle-nose tip for the most precise application, reducing mess and waste, while placing and keeping the right amount of whitening gel in place.

The new Plus White® StainGuard® Rinse is formulated with PVP, a highly effective
non-abrasive stain-lifting polymer that helps capture and remove stains and debris from the surface of the teeth. The addition of PVP to the newly formulated rinse helps get teeth whiter and keeps them that way, locking in whiteness with every use.

Teeth whitening doesn’t need to be a luxury anymore. With Plus White® 5 Minute Premier Whitening System, you can effectively achieve and maintain that sparkling white smile you’ve always wanted. It is great for anyone who wants to get cleaner, whiter teeth at a wallet-friendly price. With results guaranteed, you have nothing to lose and everything
to gain.

Show off your whiter smile &
get ready for the compliments!